Weight Lifting For Women: How and Why to Start Strength Training

weight lifting for women - how and why to start strength training

When someone asks you about your exercise routine, is resistance training a part of your plan? There is so much evidence suggesting the benefits of resistance training for overall health and wellness, so why aren’t more people doing it — particularly women to be quite frank?!

Here are a few reasons to get motivated to add resistance training to your regimen. 

1. It reduces the risk of disease and injury, helping you age better.

Research has in recent years identified muscle as an endocrine organ. This means, building muscle has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation in the body, and can even improve cognitive function. There is also evidence to support improved bone density in those who regularly strength train, reducing your risk of osteoporosis, which is a common concern as we age, particularly in women!

2. It makes everything in life easier.

Remember that big bag of mulch you had to carry from your car to the garden this spring? How hard was that for you? Did you end up getting a nagging pain afterward? Regular resistance training actually trains your body to be more prepared to complete these types of tasks without it being a big deal! Picking up your kids, gardening, carrying a suitcase while traveling are all examples of needing the ability to move something heavy in daily life! When you train for these things regularly, they aren’t as taxing, making life easier!

3. It boosts confidence!

When we feel strong, we feel more capable and confident to perform daily tasks. Have you ever felt limited in your ability to do something, simply because it was physically hard? When you train, your confidence in your ability to complete challenging physical tasks improves! You know that trip you’ve been wanting to book, but have been fearful of your ability to complete the hike or physically keep up with the other people on the trip? Resistance training could be just the answer, and could create the change over time to help you feel prepared and confident to just DO THE THING!

Current exercise guidelines recommend 2 resistance training sessions per week. So what are you waiting for? Not sure where to start? Is pain or pants peeing getting in your way of strength training? We would love to help you get started and reach your goals!

Happy lifting!

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*Disclaimer: This post is educational and not medical advice. Please consult your medical provider for information specific to your needs*

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