5 Practical Ways to Support a Postpartum Woman

Practical Ways to Help a New Mom in the Postpartum Period

Practical ways to help in the postpartum period Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness

Do you know someone who just recently had a baby? Did you wonder how you could support her?

Here are some practical ways to help her out:


Bring her a coffee + leave it on her doorstep without asking to come in and see the baby. Those first couple of months there isn’t a whole lot of sleep going on. She’ll appreciate the caffeine boost without worrying about what she or her house looks like.


Be understanding of her flexible/inflexible schedule. It may look easy to tote a newborn around, but there is a lot of planning that goes into each outing. How much time do I have until babe’s next feeding? What if I need to pump too? What if babe is “having a day that day?” These are all thoughts running through her head every time she leaves the house.


Ask her how she is doing. Maybe birth went perfectly. Maybe she has a rockstar newborn with a perfect latch. Maybe everything is peachy-keen. But maybe it’s not. Lend her a listening ear with no judgement and without providing advice unless she asks for it. Just be there for her.


Text her and simply tell her she’s doing a great job. Mama’s do not hear this enough and words of affirmation go a long way.


Send her to Breathe. for some self-care. We see mama’s every day who have delivered vaginally, had a c-section, delivered in hospitals, delivered at home, are first-time moms, or have a whole crew at home. All are welcome, and we’re here to say – you matter. Kiddos won’t remember if they lived in a perfect home or had all the latest and greatest toys. When they look back on their childhood they will remember they were loved, and that starts with a happy + healthy mama.

I hope these tips + tricks help the new mama in your life, and if that new mama is you pay special attention to tip #5. We’re here for you. Give us a call at 515-255-3932 to set-up your appointment today!

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