How to Minimize the Aches of Breastfeeding

Posture, Stretching and Foam Rolling to Make it Easier on Your Body

Some women can breastfeed without any troubles at all. For other women, it is a struggle and everything about it is hard.  We can’t help with latching and milk production, but here are a few tricks to make it easier on your body.

3 tips to minimize aches of breastfeeding:

  1. Posture while breastfeeding

Usually, a laid-back posture is best on your body for breastfeeding.  Use tons of pillows for support. Lean back into the chair or recliner, put your feet up and bring the baby to you.  Using a boppy pillow is great, but be sure you are also using pillows so that the baby can come to you, instead of you leaning forward to bring breast to baby.  Try to have some support for the back of your head too! Your neck can be sore gazing down at your baby while nursing.

2. Pectoralis muscle stretching

Your pectoralis muscles are under your breasts and milk ducts, and can become tight doing all the things you have to do to care for a newborn.  Use a doorway for support. Place one arm on the door frame, step through the door, and stretch the front of your shoulder and chest. Hold for about 30 seconds. You can slide your arm up and down the door frame to change how the stretch feels. 

3. Foam Rolling

Use one of the long foam rollers to completely stretch your body out.  Lie down on the foam roller, vertically up your spine. Make sure your low back/buttocks are on the roller as well as the back of your head.  Bend your knees. Exhale, and lift your arms above your head. Also make movements like a snow angel to stretch your back and front of your chest out.  It feels glorious.

Caring for a newborn with your newly postpartum body can be hard. Please find a physical therapist near you to help with any and all aches and pains.  Visit for more resources.  

Having difficulties with clogged milk ducts and mastatis? Ultrasound therapy is an incredibly effective and simple treatment. 

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