5 Mistakes Postpartum Moms Make

What Not To Do During Postpartum Recovery

We know that the postpartum period, often called “the fourth trimester,” is an inherently foggy time. We also firmly believe that once postpartum equals always postpartum.

Both our bodies and our minds can feel off and out-of-sync as we make the transition to parenthood (and are busy taking care of an extremely dependent human). In short, it can be hard. It is normal for it to be hard. However, increasing our understanding of what’s going on with our emotions and our bodies as we make these hard transitions can help make for a smoother ride.

Here are 5 mistakes postpartum moms make:

1. Using the word “but”, instead of “and”

It’s okay to say “I had a traumatic delivery that really stressed me out, and I have a healthy baby.” 

2. Not accepting imperfect help

Baby and mama still need each other a lot following birth, but accepting help (despite it being different than you hope) is important! 

3. Getting back to exercise too soon

Our pelvic floor and glutes need time to recover to avoid back pain and injuries. Exercising too soon can also worsen diastasis recti abdominis. Instead of getting back to high intensity, try this gentle exercise sequence specific for DRA and recover stronger and more confidently. 

4. Not going to physical therapy

There is tremendous benefit in seeking the support of a women’s health physical therapist. Especially as early as two weeks postpartum

5. Not giving enough recovery time

If your bleeding starts to pick back up, it may be a sign that you are doing too much too soon. Giving enough recovery time gives you an opportunity to keep cortisol levels low which directly effects hormones.

Hear more from Dr. Libby Trausch.

Watch the video below to hear a more indepth description of each mistake and how you can be supported during your postpartum recovery

Introduction written by Amanda Hardy, PhD, LMHC. 

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