Postpartum Check Ups Need to Happen at Two Weeks Postpartum

2 Weeks Vs. 6 Weeks – Why It Matters?

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New mamas have to wait 6 weeks for a check up. Why?????

Meanwhile, the first couple of days and weeks after baby is born are confusing and blissful and weird and stressful and amazing and exhausting and the time when parents need MORE support than ever.

Tremendous changes occur in a women’s physical and emotional self during pregnancy and childbirth. Beginning at 2 weeks postpartum we can start on gentle healing. We believe women all over Iowa deserve a 2-week post partum check up with our specialized Doctors of Physical Therapy, whether that be in person or telehealth

At your 2-week postpartum appointment we will:

  • Listen to your birth experience and all the changes that have occurred in your life
  • Review your posture and provide any guidance on necessary adjustments
  • Review your breath and equip you with tools for proper belly breathing
  • Provide advice and exercises for gentle healing of the pelvic floor
  • Demonstrate stretches to alleviate “new mom” physical discomforts associated with holding and feeding babies
  • Discuss c-section scar mobilization and specific healing
  • Offer resources for mental health providers, chiropractors and postpartum doulas we love and trust

Did you feel like you had more questions than answers? Preparing for the postpartum period and not sure where to start? Watch the video below to learn more about how Breathe. can help

Don’t make these postpartum mistakes

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