For some women, having a baby can result in a whole host of physical changes.  We do have to embrace some of the post baby body changes.  Scars, stretch marks and loose skin are usually here to stay, even though they will often improve with time.   Pre-baby flat stomachs can sometimes go bye-bye.


There are a lot of physical changes that women don’t have to tolerate and accept.


Women’s Physical Therapists are trained to help women get stronger, even with a “mummy tummy,”  stop peeing their pants, heal pressure between their legs, make c-section and vaginal scars less sensitive and improve posture.  


4 Exercises Every Postpartum Woman Needs


  • Identify Core Muscles to get the most out of your Ab Workout.

After baby is born, instead of doing planks and crunches right away, start small by finding the deep abdominal muscles.  Learn more about Diastasis Recti Abdominis by watching this video.


  • Go beyond Kegels to stop peeing your pants and Improve Pressure


Pelvic floor health is so much more than Kegels.  Check out this video about how to Kegel, how to relax after a Kegel, and how to breathe.  


  • Improve Scar Sensitivity

There are two important techniques that are essential for improving scar sensitivity.  The first is to look at the scar, accept it as part of your body and the important role it had in the journey to deliver your baby.  Second is to rub it. Rub it up and down and sideways. Press as hard as you can tolerate. As long as it’s been about 8 weeks and your doctor has cleared you, you will not hurt the scar, even if it feels terrible.  


  • Stand up Straight- Better Postnatal Posture

Here’s one more to help with postpartum posture.  Get your hips back, your shoulder blades back and down, un-tuck your booty, make 85 double chins and make sure your girls are pointing straight ahead instead of up and down.  Aim to look like the third photo. It might take practice, and a mirror.


We have to learn to love some of our post baby body, but we don’t have to let it stop us from living a vibrant and active life.  If the tips above aren’t enough, or if there is a lot going on, you deserve to get a little assistance from the pros at Breathe. Call 515-255-3932 to inquire about an appointment.  


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