3 Reasons Physical Therapy is Necessary for Some Pregnant Women

Why You Need Physical Therapy When You’re Pregnant

Here are 3 reasons why physical therapy is necessary for some pregnant women:

Pregnant women in Iowa are told over and over again that being in pain, tossing and turning and peeing their pants while they’re pregnant is normal.  We’re here to tell you that there are solutions to help all pregnant women feel more comfortable during pregnancy.  In addition to feeling more comfortable during pregnancy, pregnant women should also be taught how to pushAt Breathe. we work with women all the time who’s pelvic floor muscles don’t know how to get out of the way so the baby can slide right out!  

Here are 3 reasons why physical therapy is necessary for some pregnant women:

  1. There are always exercises YOUR body needs to help you feel your best and stay active as possible throughout your pregnancy.  A physical therapist is the ideal person to help you know if you should be doing lunges, squats or bridges- they might not all be best for you!

2. Women’s health physical therapists know how to check your pelvic floor muscles inside your pelvis to make sure that when someone yells at you to push, the muscles just melt out of the way.  Here’s a hint- if you have easy bowel movements, chances are good you’ll have an easier time delivering a baby.  If you strain more than occasionally to have a bowel movement, it might mean you could use a tune up in how to push.

3. Physical therapists know EXACTLY what muscle needs to be released if something feels tight.  Whole body massages are excellent (and also a very good thing in pregnancy), but the targeted work a physical therapist knows how to do is life changing. 

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