Guided Pelvic Floor Relaxation Meditation

A Powerful Tool for Anyone Needing to Let Go of Tension

This blog is a written guided meditation. To experience the meditation by listening click the video below. 

We will be doing a 10 minute pelvic floor, lower abdomen, low back written, guided meditation. This exercise is perfect for preparing the pelvic floor for birth and for those with pain anywhere between the belly button and knees.

First find a comfortable seat or lie down on your back. Place one hand on the abdomen and one hand on the chest

Feel your breath.

Are you breathing into your chest or your lower belly?

As you inhale, try to make your abdomen get big and fat. As you exhale feel your abdomen falling back in towards your spine.

Breathe in through the nose, sending that breathe down to the lower belly and to your back. Breathe out slowly, letting the abdomen and lower belly come back to normal resting position.

Breathing in 2..3..4 and out 2..3..4.

Breathing in 2..3..4 and out 2..3..4.

Now focus on letting your body get heavy. Let your head be heavy. Let your hips be heavy. Let your stomach totally relax. Let your stomach just be fat.

Imagine the fronts of your hips melting away. Imagine the ball of the hip joint sinking deeper and deeper into the socket. 

Imagine the anus as a circle getting bigger and bigger and bigger as your pelvic floor relaxes more and more and more. 

Think about the pelvic completely dissolving away into nothing.

Soften the base of the tongue. Smooth out the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes.

Soften your shoulders. 

Let your entire body get heavier and heavier. 

Imagine you are snuggled underneath a warm, heavy, heavy blanket. 

Imagine the muscles between your legs dropping away to nothing.

The pelvic floor and the space between our legs is a very vulnerable zone and it can feel scary to let those muscles go.

But it is perfectly safe to let them go. 

Now you are so heavy that it would be very difficult to lift you up. It would be very difficult to lift your right arm or your left arm, or your right leg or your left leg. 

Now that you are more relaxed, maybe more relaxed than you’ve been in a long time, let’s bring our attention back to our breath. 

Take another deep, slow breath into the lower abdomen and as you take that deep, slow inhale into the lower abdomen, try to feel the pelvic floor stretching and opening with the inhale. Then on the exhale, the pelvic floor recoils back and up into the body. 

Breathing in, let the pelvic floor stretch and open, the abdomen get big and fat and the lower ribcage open like an umbrella around the front, side and the back. Spread that inhale from your lower belly into your lower ribs and into your upper ribs. 

As you exhale let that all gently come back. 

Breathing in 2..3..4..5..6. 

Breathing out 2..3..4..5..6.

Take two or three more breaths. 

Continue to sit or lie completely relaxed, completely heavy. 

Listen to Libby’s guided meditation on Youtube linked below to put this powerful tool into action.

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