Find Relief from Interstitial Cystitis and Bladder Pain

5 Things to Do To Ease Your Pain

Find relief from Interstitial Cystitis and Bladder Pain

If your bladder or urethra hurt when you pee and/or you’ve been diagnosed with bladder pain or interstitial cystitis some of your pain might be coming from your muscles.  

The muscles in your abs, hips or pelvic floor can get knots or trigger points in them, just like we can get tight neck and shoulder muscles.  Since these muscles are all around the bladder and urethra, tightness in those muscles can create discomfort that feels like it’s coming from the bladder or urethra.  

Here are a few things you can do to ease the pain or discomfort from bladder pain or interstitial cystitis.  We have recorded a YouTube video explaining everything listed below – you can watch it at the bottom of this post!

1. Relax

Spend 5-10 minutes focusing letting all your muscles melt off your body.  Here is a guided relaxation meditation to get you started.

2. Breathe

Find a comfortable position on your back.  Place a heavy book on your abdomen and focus on breathing into your low back.  It’s almost like you’re trying to spread your butt cheeks as you inhale.  Breathe out slowly.  Repeat for 5-10 minutes and try to make your inhale and your exhale last for 8 seconds.

3. Stretch

    1. Child’s pose with wide knees
    2. Happy Baby pose
    3. Supported butterfly stretch
    4. Figure 4 hip stretch
    5. Cobra Stomach stretch

4. Self Massage

Spend some time massaging your stomach muscles.  Use light to moderate pressure and make small circles all around your stomach, but especially all across your stomach below your belly button.  Don’t worry about injuring yourself!  If you find a sore spot, spend a little more time there letting your fingers melt slowly into the tight spot.

Finally, find good pelvic floor physical therapy, like what we offer in Des Moines and West Des Moines, Iowa at Breathe. Physical Therapy & Wellness to guide you in your journey to healing!

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