Exercise to Improve Golf Swing in Women

How Women Can Gain Strength for a Better Golf Swing

Golf is a fun way to be outside, socialize and get a little exercise.  But it’s not quite that easy! How hard could it be to hit a tiny white ball exactly the distance and direction you want?!

If you’re like us, you enjoy getting out on the course, but actually golfing can be so frustrating.  Maybe you frequently miss the ball or it always goes to the right. Or what about karate-chopping the ground instead of smoothly hitting the ball into the blue yonder distance?

Golf is something we can enjoy with our friends or our spouses well into old age. It is even more satisfying with a few tips and exercises to improve our swing and decrease the score!

Female golfers are different from male golfers in a few positive and a few not so positive ways.

    • Women are generally more flexible and mobile, which means they have a longer swing to generate more speed.   
    • Women have fairly good leg strength which also helps with power and swing speed.
    • Weaker upper bodies lead to more injuries in the wrists and elbows.

Since women tend to have weaker upper bodies, we should use the lightest and most flexible clubs we can afford and control to hit the ball farther. 

The best part is that there are loads of exercises and little things we can do to improve our golf game and make it more fun!  

Here is one exercise to get better upper body strength:

Reach, Roll, Lift, Down


Start by getting into a prayer position by kneeling on the ground and sitting back on your heels.  Make a fist with your left hand and place your forehead on your fist. Extend your right arm out in front of you with the palm down.  Reach your right hand out as far as possible, rotate the palm up and lift the arm. Make sure to only lift the arm and not the trunk. Do 5-10 and then repeat on the other side.  Do 2-3 sets.

Finally, Breathe. is super excited to be able to offer golf specific movement screens and swing analysis by Dr. Ryan Trausch, a physical therapist certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. Want to find out more about getting a screen and swing analysis?  Call 515-255-3932 to make an appointment!

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