Client Testimonial: “I highly recommend Breathe. to any guys out there suffering from pelvic pain, prostatitis or CPPS”

A Man’s Perspective on Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Men

men's perspective on pelvic floor physical therapy for male pelvic floor pain breathe physical therapy

My pain journey prior to finding Libby and the staff at Breathe was both difficult and painful. I had sustained a straddle impact injury months prior and immediately after, pelvic pain quickly became the most lengthy and challenging battle I’ve ever had to face. As I quickly found out, pelvic pain is a psychophysical condition, as it not only causes physical pain, but it can very quickly destroy you mentally as well, which is perhaps more painful. As someone who is very practical, I knew with a little work, I could fix this condition myself. And after numerous failed attempts, where nothing I seemed to do was working, I found my mental state was only worsening as I came to grips with the fact that I may have to live with pelvic pain for the rest of my life.

 I was completely out of options, as after countless hours of internet searches, nothing seemed to be working. It was purely by chance that I found Libby and her team online and scheduled a visit with them. The entire Breathe team was phenomenal. From day one I always felt welcome and comfortable, especially considering the private circumstances surrounding the pelvic pain condition. Libby was great with describing WHY I was experiencing pain and provided me with tangible solutions to help me not only find relief from the pain, but to keep it away for good. The biggest breakthrough came when Libby talked to me about the importance of the mind-body connection. Initially, I had a very difficult time believing this was going to have ANY impact whatsoever, but I was committed to doing whatever it took to begin feeling better. As it turns out, that mind-body connection was the key to helping rid myself of pelvic pain. Libby and team were there for me every-single step of the way. And although the pelvic pain recovery process naturally does not happen overnight, slow and measurable progress was being made each and every week. In the end, my pelvic pain journey lasted nearly three years. Two years of which the pelvic pain was a constant 24/7/365 struggle.

As Libby had mentioned to me during one of our visits, experiencing pelvic pain day-in and day-out is one of the most horrible things a person can suffer through, but in the end, when you are free from the pain, you observe life in a much more positive way…cherishing every moment you have pain free. Now that I’ve come out on the other side of pelvic pain, I can confirm that Libby’s theory was correct.

I highly recommend Libby and the team at Breathe. to any guys out there suffering from pelvic pain, prostatitis or CPPS.

Whether you’ve suffered from pelvic pain for a few months, or decades, Libby and team will help you to equip yourself with the mindset that is absolutely essential to finding relief from pelvic pain.

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