3 Ways a Tennis Ball Can be Used to Work Out Your Tight Muscles

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Hi! Kelli here. Anyone that has been into my treatment room in the past couple weeks has probably figured out my favorite piece of equipment… a tennis ball!! (or yoga ball or lacrosse ball – they all work!). If your household is anything like mine, I can hardly ever get anyone to volunteer to massage my achy breaky muscles.

I do love my foam roller but there are just some things that my foam roller can’t get to. The tennis ball is great for those hard to reach places and a cheap, easy piece of equipment to keep around the house! These are three of my favorite ways to use my tennis ball to work out those tight muscles that just won’t give up despite all the stretches:

#1: Pecs!

Using a tennis ball for pecs is great for those of us that spend a good amount of time at a desk. Our pecs can get super tight and pull your shoulders forward, giving us a slouched posture. This can lead to neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and so much more! I like to stand in front of a doorway and put the tennis ball right on the door frame. Stand so one shoulder is on the tennis ball and the other is looking through the doorway. Then lean into that tennis ball and let it do the work! I like to use this before I do any overhead lifting too.

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#2: Quadratus Lumborum / Low Back

This one is my personal favorite to get at that low back ache that goes right into the booty. I lay on the ground on my back or slightly onto my side with my tennis ball 2-3 inches to the side of my spine. Search around for those “hurts so good” spots and then try to relax into this one so the tennis ball can do its magic.

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#3: Arch of the Foot

Where are my runners at?!? This one feels SO good. Sit or stand with the tennis ball under one foot, try to aim for the arch of your foot. Press some weight down into the ball and let it roll all around. Again, find that good spot and let the tennis ball do its thing.

If you ask me, the tennis ball/yoga ball/lacrosse ball (to each, their own) knows no limits. Do what feels good to you – either sustained pressure in one spot or roll it all around. Be creative and try to get to those achy muscles when there’s no one around to massage it!

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