3 Mistakes That Prevent Healing Your Back Pain

How to Stop Ongoing Back Pain

Back pain can be terrifying, especially when it comes on sudden and sharp.

Have you experienced back pain caused by an injury or something as simple as bending over to brush your teeth? What happens when that pain sticks around? 

It’s possible that you could be unknowingly prolonging your own pain and discomfort. 

3 Mistakes That Prolong Back Pain:

1. Rest. 

Rest isn’t always a bad idea. But, when you experience an injury motion is lotion! Walking to the end of the driveway, pelvic tilts and lower trunk rotation exercises are great options. The more we rest (and avoid moving) the more stiff our back becomes and the more it hurts. 

2. Not Going to Physical Therapy Right Away.

Surprise! Getting in to your physical therapist, massage therapist or chiropractor right away is a huge step in reducing and healing your back pain. When you seek these services within the first 3 days of an injury, your pain improves so much faster and avoids slipping into chronic pain. Who doesn’t want to feel better faster? It’s a no-brainer. 

3. Being Afraid.

60% of people have disc, joint, muscle and tendon pain at one time or another. It’s common and treatable! Don’t let the pain make you fearful. 

Click below for the full video with Dr. Libby Trausch discussing these three mistakes. If you have sudden or chronic back pain, we can help! Learn more about Breathe. and schedule an appointment to start feeling better now! 

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