Oh no, it’s the telltale sign.  “Peeing just hurt so I must have a UTI.  I just had sex and my vagina is burning or itching.   Something does NOT feel right ‘down there.’” 


Itching or burning while peeing or in the vagina must be in an infection, right?  You go to the doctor’s office and tell them it burns when you pee. Or you tell them your vagina feels really irritated.  So you pee in a cup, or you take your pants off and they swab your vagina. When the provider comes back they tell you that the results are inconclusive, or there is nothing there, or there might be a few cells so we’ll treat it.  Then a week later the symptoms are STILL present. Now what?!


Chances are good that if the above situation sounds familiar, it’s because the symptoms are related to a pelvic floor, pelvic or hip problem.  The good news is that pelvic floor physical therapy can with symptoms like vaginal or urethral itching, burning and pressure. How can a girl like you know when the symptoms are related to muscles and are NOT a UTI, yeast infection or vaginosis?


Top 3 ways to know if vaginal or urinary symptoms might NOT be an infection


  • More than One Symptom

When burning, itching, stinging or irritation are accompanied by hip or back or knee pain or stiffness, it’s a possibility that one of the hip muscles that is close to the genitals could be tight.  If there is also straining to urinate, numbness or tingling, or pain with sex, or poop problems, there is also a good sign that the muscles are the problem and then pelvic floor physical therapy can help.


  • No vaginal discharge or no odor


Smelly or cottage cheesy vaginal discharge or strong urinary or vaginal odors are important signals that a bladder or vaginal infection is present.  Itching, burning or vaginal irritation without these signs, problems means there is a pelvic floor problem.


  • Results are inconclusive, but provider gives treatment “just in case”

We often hear that women are treated with yeast infection cream or antibiotics, even when no infection is found after a lab test, “just in case.” If no or very little infection was found after a lab test, chances are good that tight muscles in the pelvic floor are contributing to the symptoms.  


Most women have no idea what vaginas are supposed to feel like, or what most people experience in the bathroom because it is just one of those topics we don’t talk about.  If there is stinging, burning or itching without any discharge or smell, and your doctor doesn’t find much wrong, chances are good there isn’t a UTI or yeast infection or vaginiosis and physical therapy will help.  Click over to www.breathedsm.com/appointments or call 515-255-3932 to make an appointment.  


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