Round Ligament Pain or Something Else?

3 Ways to Stop Sharp Lower Belly Pain During Pregnancy

3 ways to stop that sharp lower belly pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is so hard to know what those pains in your stomach might be.  Gas? Womb expanding? Too many oreos? A lot of women experience a sharp pain in their lower abdomen and are told it is from the round ligaments, which help support the uterus. Most often that is not the case. Round ligament pain leaves as fast as it comes. It is like a bolt of lightning. If you’re getting up from bed and have a sharp pain but then it lingers for a while, that is probably due to a hip muscle instead of the round ligaments.  

No matter the source of the pain, here are 3 ways to minimize the risk of getting it again, whether it be from ligaments or muscles.

1. Stretch Your Hip Flexor.

The muscle on the front of your hip that helps you bring your knee to your chest is most likely the culprit to that sharp, intense pain when you change positions. 

woman demonstrating a hip flexor stretch.

2. Roll to Your Side to Get Out of Bed.

Instead of doing a full sit up to get out of bed, do a log roll.  Exhale, draw belly button to spine and then roll to your side. Then use your arms and do another exhale to push yourself up to a seated position.  This is good practice, pregnant or not. It takes a lot of strain off muscles & ligaments and makes your spine happy.

3. Check Your Posture.

As babies grow, mothers lean back to stay balanced. Think about leaning into the wind a little bit and sticking out your booty. Booty muscles really take a vacation when pregnant so it’s important to keep them engaged.  Try standing like the second picture and then letting your belly fully relax. 

woman standing demonstrating posture during pregnancy.

If you’re still having sharp pains in your abdomen when pregnant, please contact your provider and then contact a women’s health physical therapist. There are lots of things that can be done to make your pregnancy comfortable instead of tolerable.  

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