Peaceful Pushing + Postpartum Plan Workbook

Preparing for baby has never easier.

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Two powerful eBooks. One incredible price.

Preparing for birth and the postpartum period is never easy. These outstanding resources have individually changed the lives of so many women; taking away many of the unknowns in labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. 

Together, they are changing even more. Prepare mentally and physically with the real-world practices divulged in these two resources.

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Peaceful Pushing

Prepare for your easy, empowered birth with Peaceful Pushing. Authored by Dr. Libby Trausch, a Doctor of Physical Therapy who had one c-section for failure to progress followed by a vaginal delivery with a prolapse and third-degree tear. By the time her third baby was born vaginally without difficulty, she had learned the secrets shared here. 

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid unnecessary c-sections
  • Effectively push your baby out
  • Relax through the discomfort of contractions
  • Minimize vaginal tearing during delivery
  • Gain confidence in doing kegel exercises
  • Perform perineal massage and what it’s useful for
The Postpartum Workbook Cover.

Postpartum Plan Workbook

You have a birth plan, but do you have a postpartum plan? Many stresses and anxieties develop after the birth. Creating a plan ahead of time can help take away many of the unknowns. Designed by a busy certified postpartum doula, Erin Huiatt, this workbook will help you plan and feel more confident about your postpartum period. 

The Postpartum Plan Workbook includes:

  • Personal items checklist 
  • Nutrition plan 
  • How to schedule visitors and extra help 
  • Baby & Mother caution signs 
  • Dad duties 
  • Sibling care 
  • Finding local support groups 
  • Much more!

Erin Huiatt is a wife, the proud mother of two, a business owner, and a certified postpartum doula. Erin wears many hats and strives to support women in several different ways, including with this incredible resource.

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