5 Tips to Live a More Energetic, Vibrant, Active Life

How to Live a More Confident, Fulfilling Life with Energy

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Tired all the time? Fatigue, headaches and back pain can keep us from living our lives to the fullest. If you’re feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, or uncomfortable in your body, this post is for you.

Here are 5 Tips for Living a More Fulfilling, Energetic Life:

1. Breathe.

Obviously. Breathe in for a count of 4, pause for a count of 4, and breathe out for a count of 8. The long exhale is especially important. For now, we aren’t going to talk about how to breathe or why this will help. Just start.

Do this in the car or in bed or at your desk or while watching TV or reading a book. Do 5 or 10 breaths whenever you think of it.

2. Reduce Strenuous Exercise

This is hard for many who love to run, run, run but also have several health problems.

Many health issues are worsened by stress. Stress affects cortisol levels. Strenuous exercise is stressful to the body and can also affect cortisol levels.

Yes, it is your release and yes you feel better right away after hard exercise, but it could be strongly affecting your hormones in the long run.

Many of you can run or workout hard without problems.

But if you are exhausted, stressed, sore or have period or gastrointestinal problems, lots of running is probably not doing you any favors.

Find the perfect exercise for your body, instead.

3. Drink Water

Not sweetened water or flavored water or tea water or carbonated water or coffee water. Just water. Suck it up. (or slurp it up or sip it up or whatever, just drink it).

Of course it is fine to have some of your water with other stuff, but most of it should be plain.

Drink around 60 oz of water every day. More if you want.

No need to drink more than 80-100 oz though, as you’re more likely to pee your pants if you do that.

Look at your pee to decide if you’re sufficiently hydrated. It should be light yellow. Not clear, not amber colored or dark yellow. Just light yellow (lemonade) or a little lighter is fine.

You will poop better, your skin will be less dry and generally you’ll notice you feel better. We promise.

4. Take Responsibility

Your health care provider wants to be your guide, if they’re any good. They don’t want to dictate to you what to do.

Be proactive. Do your research. When your health care provider gives you advice, follow it if it makes sense, even if it’s hard. If it doesn’t make sense, tell them.

You are not a victim and illness isn’t happening TO YOU (usually). There is almost ALWAYS something you can do to feel (even a little bit) better.

Sometimes pills and surgery are absolutely necessary and helpful, but they are not easy, either. Pills have side effects. Surgery is usually harder to recover from than the initial injury.

You are responsible for your health. We want to be your partner and guide you there, wherever you are.

5. Ask For & Accept Imperfect Help

Your partner may not buy the right groceries. Your mom might give your kids too much screen time and your mother-in-law might give your kids too much junk food.

The cool thing is that kids are resilient. They can deal with dishes that aren’t as clean as they’re supposed to be and too much screen time and junk food once in awhile. The most important thing for the longevity of their lives is love and your husband and mom and mother- in -law LOVE your children.

So let them help you (and your friends- we WANT to help each other). Try not to be too critical. Take the time to go exercise or take a bath, work or read a book while they do all the work. Your body will thank you.


6. Do Less (Without Guilt)

How about that?

Rest without feeling guilty. Let the house be a little messier that you usually might.

Walk briskly for 30 minutes and let go of the hour-long workout you used to do in college and before kids.

You do not have to volunteer for everything at school unless you really love it. It is enough to get your children to school on time. Usually.

Use your sitter time to stay home and relax.

Busy busy busy busy leads to stress(even when you don’t feel stressed). Stress leads to wonky hormones, body tension/pain and GI distress.

You deserve to live an energetic, vibrant and active life. If you’re not, we can help! We’ve worked with nearly 5,000 women helping them feel good in their bodies and we can’t wait to work with you. Schedule an evaluation via telehealth or in office!

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