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Three Reasons Breathe. Physical Therapy is Different Than Other Clinics

Breathe. physical therapy integrative health for women different kind of wellness

Time after time clients say these exact words – “This place is different!”

We know!

Since our inception, the mission of this clinic was to serve people, from a collaborative, whole-body perspective.

Each client that expresses Breathe.’s deviation from the norm has distinct explanations for doing so but there are trends.

Here are a few things that sets us apart from other clinics: 

  1. We treat YOU! – Far too often whole people walk into clinics and spend an hour boiling down their entire being into 1 thing – a diagnosis. Breathe. understands that we can’t separate your knee pain, for example, from the rest of your body. Our team is specifically trained to take everything into consideration: diet, mental health, stress, medication, past medical histories, etc. If a client is experiencing it we want to know about it! Many times clients will start a sentence with “I don’t know if this is relevant but…” and my response is always “absolutely it is!” If YOU find it relevant to your treatment it most likely is. Physical Therapists are considered masters of bodies but you are the master of your body. Therefore, we will work as a team, to make progress on your goals.

2. Our space is welcoming – At every clinic there is parking right by the door, a welcoming smile as you walk in and a living-room-style sitting area waiting to greet you. Our online reviews and client surveys resound with the word “home” and that is intentional. Bring your kids to the appointment, kick off your shoes and feel at ease with all of our staff!

3. Our unbeatable team – From top to bottom, we are certified to address your concerns! Within our physical therapy team we have a diverse group of personalities and treatment specialties. Clients love seeing multiple providers for the unique approach each therapist brings to the table.

Breathe. physical therapy integrative health for women changing healthcare

So what are you waiting for? Feel better. Stop living with that pain. Get stronger. Feel empowered!

Book an appointment today and find out for yourself what makes us different!

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