How to Poop: Better Habits to Beat Constipation and Pain with Pooping

These tips will help get you off to a great start toward healthier pooping habits! Bowel health is so important. Constipation, pain with pooping, straining and pelvic pain with poop.

Did you know pelvic health physical therapy can help with bowel health?!

Here are 4 tips to help promote regular bowel movements — from your pelvic health PT!  

1. Drink water

We recommend half your body weight in ounces per day to help with bowel consistency and ease of emptying!

2. Eat fiber

Fiber is key to regulating stool consistency — this is true of stools that are too firm and too soft! Fiber will make it just right! Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are a great source of fiber to add to your diet! We recommend getting 23-38 grams per day. There are supplementation options, such as psyllium husk, available as well to help you get what you need!

3. Use a squatty potty

A squatty potty helps to get the body in position to align the rectum so that stool has a straighter shot as it exits, making it easier to empty fully and with ease! It also puts you in a position where focusing on relaxing your pelvic floor is a bit easier, which is key to having complete bowel movements without straining.

4. Start a meditation practice

Mediation is a wonderful way to help calm the nervous system, and promote “rest and digest” as opposed to “fight or flight”. Being in a state of stress or anxiety has an effect on bowel regularity. Being in a state of calm more frequently can help promote regular and healthy bowels!

These tips will help get you off to a great start toward healthier bowels! They are not all encompassing, so if you give them a try and don’t notice the change you are looking for, reach out to one of us or your provider for a thorough evaluation. Bowel health is so important for holistic health, and we would love to support you in your journey toward your best and healthiest self! 

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*Disclaimer: This post is educational and not medical advice. Please consult your medical provider for information specific to your needs*

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