How Fluid Effects the Bladder and How Much Water to Drink

A Women’s Health Physical Therapist Perspective on How Much Water to Drink

How fluid effects the bladder and how much water to drink

Is it possible to drink too much water?  Yes.

Can drinking flavored or carbonated water cause urinary urgency or leakage? Yes.

Can drinking coffee irritate my bladder?  Yes.

Does fruit juice affect my bladder? Yes.

Were any of these answers surprising to you?

How Much Water Should You Drink?

The recommendation of water intake varies depending on your source. The most common recommendation is 64 oz/day or half your body weight in ounces.  However, the best indicator on how much water you should drink is the color of your urine. It should be light yellow.  If it is dark or stinky, you are dehydrated!  If it is consistently clear, you are overhydrated and may have hyponatremia, low sodium levels and can contribute to bladder problems.  Every BODY is different in how much water you should drink depending on how much you sweat, if you are breastfeeding, medications you take , etc.  

Other Drinks Affect the Bladder Too!

Caffeine, carbonation, artificial sweeteners, juice, other acidic drinks, and alcohol are all bladder irritants and can increase bladder urgency or leakage.  This does not mean you cannot have these drinks, but rather, be aware of diluting the irritants with water when you do have them.  Try drinking water as the first thing in your bladder in the morning before your coffee or orange juice and then sip water between coffee sips.  Also, not all water is equal.  Carbonated or flavored waters can be irritable to your bladder.  Try to find ways to get yourself to drink plain water.  A straw, ice, a cute cup, and keeping your water readily available all seem to help.

Keep Hydrated, even on long road trips!

Have you ever restricted fluids on a road trip so you wouldn’t have to stop?  This is not a good idea.  You should use the restroom to empty your bladder every 2-3 hours for good bladder health.  This is regardless of fluid intake.  So continue to drink your water to prevent dehydration and to dilute any bladder irritants from your foods.  Just plan on stopping every 2-3 hours to use the restroom and stretch!  We tend to get dehydrated and out of rhythm when traveling anyway, so don’t cause dehydration on purpose!

Do I Really Have to Pee?

Now let’s put all this information together!  You are sitting at your desk at 10 AM drinking your coffee and feel the urge to go, only you just went 20 minutes ago!  Is your bladder actually full? Most likely no, it is just irritated from your coffee. So instead of heading to the restroom again for only a small amount to come out, drink some water! The water will calm down the irritated bladder and your urge should subside.

If you have bladder problems in Iowa, there is so much we can teach you about your bladder, not just about fluids, but causes and treatments for urinary urgency, frequency or leaking.  And how the pelvic floor muscles and bowel can contribute to bladder symptoms.  If you are having any pelvic or bladder symptoms, see a pelvic floor PT for an assessment!

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This post is educational and not medical advice. Please consult your medical provider for information specific to your needs.

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