How and Why You Need to Touch Your C-Section Scar

Dealing with a C-section Scar Instead of Ignoring It

Whether or not you wanted it, you had a c-section (or more than one) and now you have a scar. Nobody probably ever told you this, but learning to touch and massage your scar can have some pretty amazing benefits. Feel queasy about it? We have loads of ways to do it for you, and probably get even better benefits than you can gain on your own.

Do you know someone who just recently had a baby? Did you wonder how you could support her?

Here are some practical ways to help her out:

1. Your stomach will look flatter

If you have fat or skin hanging over your scar, working on the tissue will loosen your scar to make your stomach look smoother and maybe even flatter.

2. Your stomach may feel stronger

Scar tissue tends to adhere together so the layers of your skin and muscle can’t slide on each other like they’re supposed to.  This can make the muscles feel weaker.

3. You might have better and easier orgasms! 

The skin of the lower abdomen is continuous with the labia and into the clitoris.  Sometimes if that tissue is tight it can make the clitoris sensitive, and not in a good way!  A sensitive clitoris can hurt instead of feel good. 

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