3 Posture Tips to Decrease Pain from Wearing a Mask

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3 Posture Tips to decrease pain from wearing a mask

The year 2020 has been the year of changes.  Who would have thought we’d be walking around everywhere wearing masks all the time?  I overheard a young girl shopping with her mom at Target and she said “oh mom, look at this mask it is so cool, can I get it?”  Add that to things I never thought I’d hear (outside of Halloween).  If you’ve noticed increased headaches or overall neck/shoulder tension after wearing your mask, you’re not alone.  

Here are 3 ways to decrease migraines and headaches from wearing a mask. 

1. Gently Rest the Tip of Your Tongue on the Roof of Your Mouth

This will greatly reduce the pressure in your jaw.  Sometimes wearing a mask can make you clench your teeth more than usual, without noticing it.  Gently resting (not forcing) your tongue to the roof of your mouth relaxes the muscles around your jaw. 

2. Increase Diligence About Drinking More Water

This is especially true for all the teachers!  If you’re used to being able to sip on water all day, it is quite a shock to your system to not be able to drink when you have the urge.  Start your day off right – before or after that morning cup of coffee, drink 12-20 ounces of water.  Get some more during lunch and after you’re done working for the day.  Try to get in 40-60 ounces of water before 5 pm, so you’re not up all night in the bathroom!

3. Keep Your Head Over Your Shoulders While Wearing a Mask

Wearing something on the front of our face has a tendency for us to lean forward more, or have to look over it to read anything at our desks.  Be aware if your head is constantly in front of your shoulders.  Draw a line down from your ears, they should line up directly over your shoulders.  You can have someone take your picture or take a selfie from the side to check out your head position.

Wearing a mask changes how we talk, decreases our water intake, and has a tendency to change our posture. Take these proactive steps to keep you healthy and active!  

Continuing to have pain, headaches or tension? Dry needling may help! 

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